When we talk about China now

When you start to plan to go to China, it is not a super easy trip since China is big, and each part of China is like a different “Country”, and also with the huge language barrier. How to make the plan more proper and as well covering more cultures is a little bit headache. However once you step into the red land, you will never regret.

Here is our plan.

Beijing – Chengdu- Lhasa- Everest- Guangzhou- Hangzhou- Shanghai. Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 16.03.53

About China we always have millions of comments and imaginations, we may argue, we may confuse, in the end the variety of China and the long historical left will put something in your minds, and probably change your ideas. Next time when you see news on TV about China, or some colleagues talk about democracy with you, I suppose you will have something alternative to say.

Here is a collection from Kinezaki from China.

798 Art, BeijingDSC_0408_Fotor




Nanluoguxiang, BeijingDSC_0728_Fotor_Collage


Praying tree, BeijingDSC_0511

Budda Tree, ChengduDSC_0620

Kuan Zhai, ChengduDSC_0728_Fotor_Collage3

Bamboo and panda, ChengduDSC_0728_Fotor_Collage4

Skylines, ShanghaiDSC_0728_Fotor_Collage1

Metro Lujiazui, ShanghaiDSC_0728_Fotor_Collage2

Young Mao, ShanghaiDSC_0646

Night Pudong, ShanghaiDSC_0550

The story never ends.