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No more boring days 2015

Could NOT believe it!

It has been one year since last update on Kinezaki blog. I could not deny that this is partially due to my procrastination,as well as heavy work load, life occupied with big events and small details. Now all these sound excuses though. 🙂

Never mind. Now it is 2016. I decide to take Kinezaki more seriously this year. Will continue track my trips, life and all the amazing things happening around me. Since Jan 2016, I have already flied 10 times here and there. Will create follow up posts for all these trips, as well as recall nice trip experiences I have left behind.

To start with all these, a good summary of last year is necessary. Even I didn’t update here, a lot of things have happened in 2015. I planed to write this post at New Year Eve, again procrastination dragged me till now. Hope it is not too late.

I chose 12 pictures standing for each month of 2015, to have a look. When I went through to pictures to pick up representative ones, all the good memory hit back. I have actually done a lot.


JAN:  Continue study in Stockholm, in between a trip to Helsinki.
FEB:  Enjoy the last days in Stockholm, go to museums, take a dip of the city.
MAR:  Trip to Malta. Mixed feeling of Europe, Mid-east and Africa.
APR:  Make new home, handmade furniture is not easy but totally worth it.
MAY:  Rafting and hiking in North Greece. 6 hours hiking in forest, poured with rain.
JUN:  Summer time. Creta, Rhodos.
JUL:  Islands time extension.
AUG:  Productive time in Dilesi, due to the whole summer in Greece, I was daaaaark.
SEP:  Enjoy the concerts season in Athens.
OCT:  Nafplio short trip. Could still swim by then.
NOV:  Trip to Budapest. Better than expectation.
DEC:  Meteora wanderlust.

In 2016, I will be traveling to Asia for some time, it is quite interesting to go back since I have been away for long, what I am smelling is tons of tasty food approaching which I could not say no. Hope in next post, IF I put a picture of me, I am not yet doubled.

Stay tuned.

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