The Pretty Koh Lanta Days

We have been staying in Lanta for 5 weeks already but it does not feel that long. I was surprised to notice that we are actually leaving this cute island next week. Here we have a rhythm. Work and fun is kind of balanced. Below is how days go by remote working from Ko Lanta.

Get up early in the morning, with birds singing outside our window (sometimes really loud), get ready, head to our daily cafeteria, have a daily breakfast and coffee (the owner already knows exactly what we want so no need to order) and head to the office. Stay late if a lot of work; go for a sunset if it is an early day.

In Chinese, we have a saying that happy time always flies. Time in Lanta has been really amazing. We worked, explored, swam, enjoyed the food, enjoyed the sun and the sea.

The result is our skin getting a lot darker than last month. Especially for this Kinezaki, I have been misunderstood at least 7 times that I am a local Thai. It is not a bad feeling, hah, however due to the fact that summer just started, I should really be careful.

We will for sure come back to this island at some point. Actually already thinking about coming back even before leaving the island is crazy!