A new collection of Kinezaki

How to start a new collection hobby. Easy.

First, I came across this amazing 30 years old Polaroid in Barcelona.


It is a bit expensive, however it works perfectly, and needs special care like looking for the particular film, waiting for long time for the polaroid to be ready (generally half an hour), and also it is a big thing to carry during a trip. Nowadays, there is only one company who still produce films for the traditional polaroid instead of the new design fancy one.  The company is called the “impossible project”. It is a company based in Netherlands, and focusing on bring back Polaroid to people as well as discovering new design and use of polaroid.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 18_Fotor

We have used this polaroid for almost 4 months, and we try to keep a new habit of taking one for each city we visit with friends and people we meet there. And having this as a starting point, I became interested to these so called “vintage” cameras. Then I started paying more attention and trying to collect them one by one.




To be honest I haven’t tried taking photos with all of them yet, however, they look really nice. I am sure one day they will capture the precious moments in life, via a careful click and an old style photo development. And this might make me cherish them more than the electronic ones that can takes 10GB photos in my hand drive and are seldom be reviewed.