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Thinking about Netherlands what comes to our mind? Red light area? Coffee shop? Canals?

Well for me the answers definitely changes after I step on the Netherlands. It is a country on BICYCLES!

DSC_0928 17.51.49 DSC_0933 DSC_0957 17.51.49 DSC_0988 17.51.49 DSC_0991 17.51.49 DSC_1021

It is impressive to see how this countries is ruled by bicycles. Actually one tip for trip to Amsterdam from local, be careful with the bicycles on the roads, they never stop…

Not sure if it is a weird feeling, this view reminds me of the image of 80’s Beijing. Environmentally it is totally a good thing to biking again, thinking about Beijing now, it is definitely a good idea to bring bicycles back to the smoky city.

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