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How we started an Asia Wanderlust

Planning the trip took a month and lots of my Chinese expertise.  It is slightly more difficult than just hitting the road.

The (ambitious!) plan was:

Travel map

  • Travel around Asia for 4 months.
  • Be away from home sweet home for so long. It’s seems like I repeat the first point but I want to emphasise it since now and then you miss the feeling of just lying down on the soft sofa and watching a movie.
  • Visit Taiwan, Jiamusi (my hometown), Harbin, Seoul, Dalian, Beijing, Chengdu, Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan province, Shanghai, and end up in a small island Koh Lanta near Krabi, Thailand.
  • Guarantee work during we do the above. Need to have enough working time as well as quality. Even have time for developing some new projects, as well as our own company branding.
  • Meanwhile, travel with parents and take them abroad for the first time.
  • Travel with bro and sis in China, create a China Wanderlust.
  • Meet friends in different cities and chit-chat about our lives, what have happened.

Sounds ambitious hah.

Luckily when I finally sit down and type these text, we are already in second last stop of the trip, Koh Lanta, the co-working space.

The trip was super good while working suffered a little from the Great (fire)wall of China. Getting a good internet through the VPN was almost impossible. Now we at Koh Lanta getting work done seems too easy since we have an amazing tropical co-working space and a permanent desk (as well as Thai food served to us daily!)

Here are all the numbers of the trip; quite interesting to see it even for me now.


Some teaser pics to kick off the Asia Wanderlust Blogging. I chose one picture from each stop below!

A small street in TaipeiTaipei

New Year dumplings making, JiamusiJiamusi

The South Mountain, SeoulSeoul

The Great Wall, BeijingBeijing

The cool Panda, ChengduIMG_5113

An outdoor playground on the frozen Songhua River,  HarbinHarbin

Dali Old Town – early morningDali

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, LijiangLijiang

One of the tons of fancy shopping malls, ShanghaiShanghai

Typical view of a van, Koh Lanta, Thailand
Koh Lanta

I have so many pictures yet to share. Stay tuned!

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