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How to work on the go at Paris

To enjoy the trip without feeling guilty means that we have also to work on the go. But how?

At Paris at least this is never a problem. There are a lot of co-working places/cafes in the city where you can have a productive working day.


paris craft

Address: 24 Rue des Vinaigriers 75010 (10ème arrondissement)

Price: 4 euros for the first hour, 3 euros after. Coffee and sandwiches are free as long as they are less than your charge. For example if you stay 4 hours it will cost 13 euros, so you have 13 euros to spend on their amazing coffee, sandwiches and sweets.  20 euros is the price for the whole day.

The place is cosy and small, maybe around 25 available seats inside. You are charged by the time you stay, and the coffee and sandwiches / sweet are super good. Compare to other co-working places, their free food has a lot of choices and better quality. Internet speed is good, but for an online worker a bit faster would be better in my opinion. If you stay there the whole day, you can enjoy the coffee, internet, sweet for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and biscuits in between. Then 20 euros becomes a really good price.

Plus points: Coffess is really good there if you are a coffee nerd + there is a cool Corean restaurant next to Kraft.


paris anti cafe

AntiCafé Beaubourg : 79 rue de Quincampoix, 75003 Paris

AntiCafé Louvre : 10 rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris

Price: 4 euros first hour, 3 euros after. 16 euros for the whole day.

ANTI CAFE is THE place to work in Paris. My personal favourite one.  The one in Beaubourg is quite big with a lot of space, you can just pay for the time and enjoy the coffee, sweets, biscuits and salad as much as you want. It costs 3 euros per hour and 16 for the whole day. Internet speed is really fast, and the working area is open for discussion and group meetings. You will see many people there having their coffee and not everyone is a nerd.

The one near Louvre is smaller than the Beaubourg one (but still enough spaces) however it is in a really good location near the river and near the area full of Japanese restaurants. So a walk after work by the river is quite attractive also.


paris co-working area numa

Address: 39, rue du Caire / 75002 Paris .

A more professional co-working place which is combined with Cafe, meeting room, pitching place and a good social network for IT people. NUMA is recommended and somehow associated with Google Paris, and has cooperation with a lot of startups in Paris also.

The prize for the co-working area is free and you just pay for anything you buy at the canteen so it is the cheapest option in our list. Space is super big basically you will have a lot of space to walk around, sit and stand, also talk and do group work.


paris coworkshop

Address: 29, RUE DES VINAIGRIERS 75010 PARIS.  Location is at the same street of CRAFT, just across the street you will see it.

Price: 4 euros for the first hour, 3 after. Coffee is free. Sweets are not.

Combined with co-working space as well as meeting room. Space is big and cosy. The plus point of coworkshop is that they are several private rooms which you can rent per hour. Also there is a small room free for making phone calls and not disturbing or get disturbed by others. And the space is much bigger than other cafes in the same street… However, coffee is basic (by basic I mean no fancy machine coffee, just filter one – hope they add a coffee machine soon!), which for me is one point less. So compared to Kraft which is across the street you get more and nicer space but no good coffee and beverages for the same price. It’s your call.

Let’s work on the go !

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