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Historical walking tour in Barcelona

There is one interesting thing I found out after I lived in Europe, is” generally we can walk to anywhere”. And walking tour is actually a efficient and super interesting way to know one city. This kind of idea could not work in China, since I still remembered that I took a taxi to one place to another, just to meet a friend or for a dinner. Chinese roads are for cars not for foot, especially for big cities.

We took this NEW EUROPE walking tour here in Barcelona today. It is free, available for booking online. And you can give tips to the guide after the tour depends on how much you like it. We got to know much more history about Barcelona, and all the old buildings , wars, and conflicts have happened in this pretty city.

barcelona church child

barcelona church

barcelona church

According to the tour it is kind of a good time for us to visit at this time, since the Catalunya people are going to have a new round of voting for independency. This kind of similar talk happens to everywhere.

flag catalunyaFor the pride side, people of Catalunya treat Spain as an invasion, and they still keep their inner pride, culture deep inside blood no matter how many generations has past (and it is not that far away through, since 1939 Spanish Civil war). The first survey following the Constitutional Court ruling that cut back elements of the 2006 Statute of Autonomy, published by La Vanguardia on July 18, 2010, found that a majority would support independence in a referendum. In February of the same year, a poll by the open University of Catalonia gave more or less the same results.

barcelona wallHowever, after so many years of developing together with EU, even with problems of Madrid government, the economical consideration is also one key point to think about. If Catalunya really separate from Spain, probably they could no longer enjoy the contract and rules between EU and Spain, all the benefits as a EU country might be gone. Should pride come after food, or the pride is raised somehow by the development of the economy? It is hard to say. But I prefer the comments and concern of the tour guide girl ” I am just afraid after the independency, Barcelona could not play for the Spanish League anymore.”

Yes, this seems more crucial.

We will leave the city on Nov 9 morning. Let’s see.

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