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Colorful la Boqueria Barcelona

Famous market LA BOQUERIA in Barcelona, and itself at night is not only a market, it is also a colorful food & fruit wonderland, but pay attention, also a wonderland for pocket pickers.

La Boqueria barcelona  La Boqueria barcelona There are quite a lot fresh juice place, with even the mango & pineapple juice. Here all the sellers are used to deal with the tourists, it is 2 euros one juice near the entrance of the market, maybe don’t rush to buy one, go deeper into the market it could be 2 euros for two juices.

La Boqueria barcelona

La Boqueria barcelonaMy purchase is the colorful salt with different kinds of taste, orange, mint, spicy etc. One of the taste I could not miss, PAELLA taste salt. Plan to put it into the all rice I am about to make until it runs out, that is how much I love paella. 🙂

La Boqueria barcelona

After the market, a formal dinner is needed. We choose the Born area CAFE KAFKA. It is located in the Born area and more detail info in their website. Qualified food and inventive with combination of food from other countries. The whole restaurant is well designed with an old fashion style, and with a decoration of bookshelf full of old books. Not sure about the connection with KAFKA, will dig deeper later.

La Boqueria barcelona

What a colorful day!

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