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Cinema & Cafe on-the-go

To fully enjoy a trip, there are GEARs essential.

Cinema on-the-go:

cinema on the go

  1. One projector from Acer. There are some choices for home cinema projectors, and ours is Acer. It is convenient to take it just like a laptop bag.
  2.  UE Boom Mini. Nice cinema sound is needed. Yes! UE Boom could easily make it. It is small, light, super convenient to carry around and create surprisingly big sound for its small size.
  3. An at lease 2m*2m wall. And know what? It is not necessary to be white. Any color is fine, the projector could adapt to the color automatically.
  4.  Popcorn as needed.
  5. A good movie. These days we are in Serbian movie mood so “Underground” from Emir Kusturica is recommended. It makes me think about going to Yugoslavia area indeed.

With these above, we get the cinema with us.

Cafe on-the-go:

cafe on the go

  1.  A moka pot.
  2. We love cappuccino so something to make milk foam is needed.
  3.  Nice coffee and buy sugar wherever you are.

Have to go to enjoy my coffee now !

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