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One night in Paris

The first time I saw the movie from Woody Ellen “Midnight Paris”  I was attracted by Paris night. A paris night walk would always be a luxury, whenever you take it. Tower, River, Louvre, buildings, take Paris as much as I can, and miss it as much as I can. See you soon.

A good morning with a good brunch

Paris has a lot of Brunch places, especially for late waking-up persons. Did you wake up at noon and still want a perfect brunch with toasty and coffee? PARENTHESE is a very good choice. It is located on quite the center of 10th district at the Rue de Richer which has tons of good restaurants, especially for international food lovers.… Read More »

Paris walk again, Paris walk never enough

Walking in the city of Paris is a joyful thing, and there could easily be lots of different walking routes, and Paris river walk is one of the best. Starting from Republique, walk to Hotel de Ville, and towards the river, pass by Notre Dame, Martin Square, Alexander Bridge, as well as other bridges like the one full… Read More »

Long time no see my Paris

Since I moved to Stockholm, a clean, well-behaving English speaking city, I super missed this dirty, not-so friendly Paris, this sounds idiot but it is so true. Paris is this kind of city. All of us almost keep our expectation low in normal sense when we judge  Paris, like if they speak good English, if… Read More »