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The Pretty Koh Lanta Days

We have been staying in Lanta for 5 weeks already but it does not feel that long. I was surprised to notice that we are actually leaving this cute island next week. Here we have a rhythm. Work and fun is kind of balanced. Below is how days go by remote working from Ko Lanta. Get… Read More »

How to Explore a winter Taipei

The Taipei idea came out when I was talking with my friend, but the problems came along (like always). At that time, we reached a key point of our thesis writing, had to arrange the defence like right then; work had filed up a bit; we were already planning the Asia Wanderlust trip and already… Read More »

No more boring days 2015

Could NOT believe it! It has been one year since last update on Kinezaki blog. I could not deny that this is partially due to my procrastination,as well as heavy work load, life occupied with big events and small details. Now all these sound excuses though. 🙂 Never mind. Now it is 2016. I decide to take Kinezaki… Read More »

No more boring stations in Stockholm

The metro in Stockholm is called T-bana. T-bana is not only a transportation method. The T-bana stations have been decorated as modern art exhibitions with every detail been taken care. A ride along the metros lines could always brings surprises with all these colourful walls. More stations yet to be explored. Blog will be updated with… Read More »