HOLA !  Welcome to Kinezaki ! What should I tell you about the Kinezaki and me? Hmmm,  let me think..


I am a KINEZAKI. Kinezaki is a cute Greek word which means a little Chinese. You can google it and check out the images then you know what it means.

Yes, I am the little Chinese, living in Europe now. I like traveling a lot, and I seldom traveled in a rush. I super enjoy the low pace trips and also like to look into  the huge difference between Asian culture and Europe culture, as well as exploring the as well “huge” difference between different European countries. (Which for a me it was hard to see the second part in the past, since Europe is like one thing, and I always say “This is just European food ! “)


Kinezaki is the place I collect all the interesting moments on the way, inside and outside Europe, including photos, inspirations, nice places, how to enjoy life like a local. It also involves some the stuff I enjoy such as movies, fashion and for sure food. Now and then I will add some personal comments and understanding of the things happening around me, and try to see it from two sides : European eye and Kinezaki eye to make it more fun.

I am the author of this blog. All the works belong to KINEZAKI.COM. If you want to use the photos or contents from the website, send me a email and I am happy to talk about it .

*However Kinezaki is my hobby blog. My real “JOB” is a UX designer.


If you are

  • Interested in what I have here
  • Or any form of cooperations
  • Or discussing freelance writing/photo shooting about Europe life in English / Chinese
  • Or you are another Kinezaki around the world

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at hello@guoxin.me 

By the way my Name is Xin (鑫),what about you?

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